Key Industries

Finance & Tech

Financial Technology or “FinTech” is Douglas County’s top growing industry sector! Over the past five years, FinTech has experienced an annual growth rate of 5.5% and five-year projections anticipate continued growth of 2.6% annually. With just over 4,800 employed in the region in FinTech and access to future talent among metro Atlanta’s great universities, your company’s success is secure in Douglas County!

Seven major reasons why Douglas is on Fin-Tech’s radar:
1. low cost of living
2. access to 13 great universities within one hour
3. a burgeoning, supportive startup community
4. a robust pro-business environment with over 233 top employer headquarters, and/or offices in the region
5. access to talent within Douglas County and Atlanta only 25 miles away
6. the availability of class A office space
7. proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL)

Douglas County offers affordable land, a business-friendly environment, a trained and qualified workforce all within a 30-minute drive of downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport! We invite you to discover Douglas County for your next business opportunity and enjoy life at a better pace!

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• Confidential Site Selection
• Customized Workforce Development Recruitment Strategy
• Community Resources
• Economic Development Incentives

Our team is here to support new and growing businesses to get operations running quickly, smoothly and cost effectively.
Join community leaders to enrich and strengthen our skilled workforce with the Workforce Collaborative program. We connect partners in education, industry, non-profits and economic development.